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Quote of the Day:

“Attacking the media is a loser’s lament.”

— CNN’s David Axelrod, former aide to President Obama, after hearing Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders trash the media.

Someone’s ears are itching…

“I want to thank the media. They’ve really been fair over the last two hours.” — Donald Trump during his victory speech after sweeping five states.



Marco Rubio doesn’t give a shit about the race anymore 

“Asked Rubio just now what he hopes happens tonight. ‘I’m really not following them. There are like five states, right?'” — CNN’s Manu Raju.



“Hey, I guess maybe all the time I spent reading Carly Fiorina’s boring memoir won’t go to waste.” — Business Insider‘s Josh Barro.

S.E. Cupp wants Trump to clean up his act 

“If these 5 wins don’t give Trump the confidence to lose the whining and petty insults, we may need to measure his hands after all.” — CNN’s S.E. Cupp.

Ted Cruz sucks…

“In other words, Cruz is trying to distract from his disastrous showing last night.” — Leigh Ann Caldwell, NBC politics reporter.

Journalist asks kosher question during Passover 

“Is cookie dough kosher for passover? I mean, it hasn’t risen yet…” — Stephanie Haberman, head of growth, Vocativ.

U.S.News editor says Bernie is delusional

“As if trying to play to type, MSNBC cuts away from Sanders as soon as he starts criticizing the media.” — U.S. News & World Report‘s Robert Schlesinger. Also this: “On what planet is Bernie Sanders ‘winning the overwhelming majority of Democratic votes’? He’s gone Trump-like delusional. #AcelaPrimary.” And this: “At least C-SPAN1 is still carrying Sanders.”

Journo to Bernie: ‘Please stop lying’ 

“@hillaryclinton has won 2.5 million MORE Democrats before tonight. please stop lying @berniesanders. it’s beneath you sir.” — Jimmy Williams, host DecodeDC, former MSNBC contributor

Scarborough to pundits everywhere: I WAS RIGHT!

“To the teeming masses of pundits who constantly predicted Trump would start losing once the field narrowed, turn off your TV.” — MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

Advice to D.C. pundits and journos from a teenage reporter 

“Here’s the lesson for the pundits and journalists inside the Beltway: @realDonaldTrump is what GOP voters want. Let’s not play pretend.” — teenage journo CJ Pearson.

The Observer

“Twitter is a company run by people who don’t use the service, catering to people who use it too much.” — Christopher Mims, technology columnist, WSJ.


“Just showed Trump the latest results for PA, CT, RI on my phone. He has a sense that he’s won all 5 states, but doesn’t know the details yet.” — CNN’s Brian Stelter.