A Donald Trump Presidency: Why Tom Hanks Is Laughing

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Alan Keyes Former Assistant Secretary of State
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Apparently actor Tom Hanks “seems to be perfectly cool with a GOP front-runner Donald Trump becoming president.”  In fact, if Trump gets the GOP nomination Hanks thinks “we are going to have the most hilarious September, October and first week of November in a long time.”   The article I read reporting his words went on to say that “despite two CBS News hosts doing their very best to put words in his mouth against Trump, the Oscar-winning actor told the panel that if Trump were president, the country would ‘be fine’”.

Trump accepts the U.S. Supreme Court’s blatantly anti-Constitutional, anti-Marriage Obergefell decision as the law of the land.  He recently spoke against efforts by North Carolina and other State governments to secure the unalienable right of the people of their States to maintain public toilets that take account of the fact that males and females are differently endowed by their Creator.  He said that natural born males like self-willed “female” Caitlyn Jenner now “use the bathroom that they feel is appropriate” and the States should leave it that way. Of course, this ‘status quo’ is being forced on the American people by judicial fiat, seconded by extortion by the elitist faction’s corporate powers-that-be.  So much for Trump’s phony stand in favor of “States’ rights”.   Apparently, Trump thinks public toilets are ripe for the application of “eminent domain” by the Federal Judiciary.

Are there are still people who don’t know that Tom Hanks has, for some time, been “all in” (as the poker players say) in support of  the elitist faction’s demoralization of America.  He has thus been a particularly honored favorite of activists pushing the so-called “gay-rights” agenda.  Unless people like reputed pastor Jerry Falwell are among these ignorant few (which I doubt is the case), the fact that Hanks views a Trump Presidency with equanimity should give them pause.  For a long time, Donald Trump was just like Hanks in his support for Obama, the Clintons and the destructively anti-American agenda they represent.  As his own campaign advisors recently admitted (and I have been saying since he first entered the GOP nominating process), Trump has been “projecting an image”, composed mainly of strident rhetoric. It is intended to gull the GOP’s angry conservative base, often duped by the Party’s quisling leaders, into supporting him.

But Trump’s lackadaisical stance on issues of moral principle bedevil his rhetorical disguise.  It’s the telltale marker of his true political identity, hiding in plain sight.  Despite that clear tell, Trump’s little legion of reputed Christian supporters, such as Jerry Falwell, Jr., remain happily ensconced on his bandwagon to Gehenna.  Doubtless they are mesmerized by the thought of gleaning some scraps from his table, should he win the White House.  

But people like Tom Hanks are not taken in by Trump’s rhetoric because they know he’s just playing a part. Given Trump’s actual record, they comfortably assume that Trump’s “conservatism” is “Wizard of Oz” trumpery.  In particular, Tom Hanks no doubt assumes that Trump’s eccentric profession of Christian faith is no more a barrier to embracing the gay activists’ offensive agenda than his own.

I suspect that’s why Mr. Hanks thinks the prospect of a contest for the Presidency between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is so amusing. He probably rejoices at the impending political evisceration of the self-styled “conservatives” who support Trump. Mr. Trump is the “Tar Baby” candidate, set out in the field to lure anger-impaired conservatives into a trap. If Trump wins, his “leave it the way it is” approach to issues of moral principle guarantees that, at the very least, their professed views on the God-endowed rights of individuals and the natural family will be given short shrift in Trump’s political dealings.

The “money is God” approach characteristic of his entire life guarantees that materialistic concerns will always take precedence. So the wrecking ball will continue to hammer the moral basis of liberty into dust. Trump will leave it undefended against the destructive wind being generated by the elitist faction’s mind-conditioning entertainment, news and academic propaganda. And this is the best case scenario. In the worst case Mr. Trump will simply choose an opportune moment to show his true colors, as Obama did in respect of his deceitful expressions of support for “traditional marriage.”

If that scenario comes to pass, duped Christians like Jerry Falwell, Jr. will be trapped in a political no-man’s land. If they hang on to their belief in Trump’s fabricated “tar baby conservatism” his actions will ultimately repudiate and isolate them. They will feel the ill effects of the undeserved credibility as a “conservative” they are helping him to fabricate. Or else, they will simply ignore his quisling betrayals, though it means acting against everything they still profess to believe is true and right, according to God’s word.

With the scripture as my guide, I cannot venture to say they will not profit, in worldly terms, from doing so. For a time must come when practically the whole world bears witness against God, rejoicing in the demise of those very few who remain faithful to Him. The Donald Trumpeters may herald the blast that ushers the world toward its doom. But if that prospect looms, should truly faithful Christians vote to “bring it on,” uplifting evil which they are confident God will utterly destroy?

Certainly not! Against this evil ploy the Apostle exclaims, “Forbid it, Almighty God!” (Romans 3:8) Why? Because the faithful wait upon the Lord. In the meantime, true Christians are called to repay evil with good, not strengthen it by heaping evil upon evil. I’ve never understood, however, why people think that repaying evil with good means nourishing evil, in any sense at all. The true promotion of good weakens evil, as Christ ultimately proved. This fact highlights the error in the whole view of things that pretends Christian people should uplift bad people to greatness in order to fight against great evildoers.

Whatever the odds against Him, God prevails. Therefore, whatever the odds against those who trust in Him, their trust will be verified. No one who truly relies upon God will ever feel the need to promote those who reject God’s will, because they expect good to come of it. They will judge by the standard of God. They will see as great what accords with His true greatness and His true good, though the whole world disesteems them for doing so. Thus has the Christian faith triumphed against overwhelming odds, as the American people did when our nation began. And thus has the union of their goodwill succeeded, time and again, in the course of our nation’s history.

But what if the salt has lost its saltness; what if reputed Christian citizens no longer have Christ’s heart of trust in God? Perhaps that loss of faith is why the flavor of our national life will turn, is turning, from a certain confidence to doubt ridden fear and death. Tom Hanks may find this turn of events amusing. But the least we owe to those who strove, in generations past, to make good on our nation’s promise, is to mourn its abandonment. Better than mourning would be to use our political might to throw our faithful hearts against this abandonment. The result might yet still be that God rewards our faithfulness by preserving our nation’s life. In any case, our confidence in Him will comport with Christ’s already assured salvation of our own.