Huma Abedin Nearly Cried Because Hillary Was Forced To Carry Her Own Bag

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Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Hillary Clinton’s right hand woman, Huma Abedin, nearly cried after she learned that her boss was forced to carry her own bag up a flight of stairs.

That’s according to Newsweek, which is out with a new profile of Abedin, who is often seen by Clinton’s side on the campaign trail and is one of the aides embroiled in the Clinton email server scandal.

Abedin, who is married to disgraced former Rep. Anthony Weiner, has worked for Clinton since 1996.

And she has always taken her job as Clinton’s “body woman” seriously, according to a Newsweek source.

“Abedin took her duties so seriously, the source recalled, that when she learned that Clinton had once carried her own bag up a flight of stairs in her aide’s absence, Abedin nearly burst into tears,” the magazine reported.

The source also recalled that Clinton would often snap her fingers at Abedin requesting items from her loyal aide.

“A lot of times, Hillary would snap her fingers and go, ‘Gum.’ And Huma would fetch it,” Newsweek’s source said.

Abedin is often seen at Clinton’s side. She appears in the background of campaign trail footage buying lunch and coffee for her boss. At the State Department, Abedin managed Clinton’s schedule, managed access to her boss, and carried her personal belongings, including Clinton’s infamous Blackberry.

Abedin made her devotion to Clinton clear in a rare interview she conducted earlier this month.

“You know these things that happen in your life that just stick?” Abedin said of the first time she met the then-first lady in 1996. “That she walked by and she shook my hand and our eyes connected and I just remember having this moment where I thought ‘wow, this is amazing.'” (RELATED: ‘Hooked On Hillary’: Huma Abedin Talks About Her ‘Fangirl Moment’ With Clinton)

“And it’s funny, and she would probably be so annoyed that I say this, but I remember thinking ‘Oh my God, she’s so beautiful and she’s so little!'” Abedin added in the interview.

[dcquiz] A new book out this week by New York Times reporter Mark Landler shows just how consumed Abedin is with all things Clinton.

“At a meeting early in 2009 in the State Department, Abedin, who had the title of deputy chief of staff, was going through a list of requests from ‘the president.’ When the others in the room looked at her puzzled, she clarified, ‘Not President Obama. Our president. Bill Clinton,'” Landler reported in his book, “Alter Egos.”

“It was a jarring gaffe, evidence of just how deep and tangled those ties were,” Landler added.

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