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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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The worst part of reading an e-book on a Kindle — be it the Paperwhite, Voyage or any of Amazon’s older models — is that it is not a book.

Folks who enjoy reading enough to desire a portable electronic device are very likely to be of the same type that enjoys the feel of a good physical book. For a long time now, e-readers have certainly made elements of reading more convenient, while absolutely failing to resolve the problem that they felt like just another gadget.

Not anymore.

This week, Amazon unveiled the Kindle Oasis. In doing so, it finally solves that most crucial problem. While the Kindle Oasis is certainly small (it fits in one hand), its tapered back combined with the design of its leather cover gives it the desired heft. It doesn’t feel like a tablet or oversized smartphone. It feels like a little book you might pick up to read and find yourself unable to put it down.

The Kindle Oasis make reading fun again (Photo via Amazon)

The Kindle Oasis make reading fun again (Photo via Amazon)

Everything about the Kindle Oasis is appealing. The Oasis has the brightest screen of any Kindle, and its text is easy to see no matter the lighting of your environs. The leather cover (which comes in black, brown and red) doubles as a batter pack, such that the Oasis can go nine weeks without charging. And the simple page-turning buttons on the Oasis’s side eliminate the illusion-busting necessity of the touchscreen. (The most impressive fact may be the device’s accelerometer, which flips the screen and inverts the page-turning buttons depending on your handedness.)

The Kindle Oasis makes for a great Mother’s Day gift. It is a beautiful product that makes reading fun again. You won’t be able to put it down, and, since it rarely requires charging, you won’t have to.

Kindle Oasis With Leather Charging Cover — $289.99

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