WaPo’s Dave Weigel Falls Asleep On Radio Show After Drinking Sherry [AUDIO]

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Washington Post national politics correspondent Dave Weigel fell asleep on the Hugh Hewitt Show Thursday morning after an apparent night of drinking sherry.

According to Weigel’s Instagram, he was “Drinking sherry from a bone luge” Wednesday night. In his Instagram post, he commented, “Control yourselves, ladies.”

The segment aired during the show’s 7 a.m. EST hour. The WaPo reporter is in Portland, Oregon covering the 2016 campaign and a Bernie Sanders rally, meaning that he had to be ready for the interview in the 4 a.m. PST hour.

In the middle of the interview, guest host Mark Davis, said to Weigel, “I’m a big believer that people tweet things from other people because they think somebody made a really meaningful point. One of the last things Dave Weigel did last night was a quote from Newt Gingrich in which he said, ‘Washington elites mock Trump for mispronouncing Tanzania. They don’t get that the most important word that he pronounces is America.’ Tell me why you though that was an important point.”

Weigel did not speak. Instead, he snored.

“Dave?” Davis asked.

Roused, Weigel said, “Hmm?”

Davis replied, “Hi, Dave? Hi. Did you catch the last question?”

“I did, yeah. … Sorry, I’m — repeat it? I’m in a place where I couldn’t hear very well,” Weigel said.

Davis repeated the question and then continued the interview.

“It was bad,” Weigel told The Daily Caller, describing the interview.

Weigel later added that he was “surprised how groggy” he was and denied that he partook in heavy partying the night prior.

Regarding drinking sherry from a bone luge, he said that he would “probably not” do it again.

Drinking sherry from a bone luge. Control yourselves, ladies.

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