Who Is Carly Fiorina, Really?

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] picked Carly Fiorina to be his running mate Wednesday in Indianapolis.

But who is Fiorina?

Let’s find out!

In 2007, she published “Tough Choices: A Memoir,” labeled as “The New York Times bestseller by the most talked about woman in American business.”

Carly's memoir "Tough Choices" delves into her life before and during her time as a businesswoman (Photo via Amazon)

Carly’s memoir “Tough Choices” delves into her life before and during her time as a businesswoman (Photo via Amazon)

“In this extraordinarily candid memoir, she reveals the private person behind the public persona,” the book’s description says. “She shares her triumphs and failures, her deepest fears and most painful confrontations.”

Remember when she shocked the public in the debate by saying she “buried a child“? Similarly, there is a lot to Carly that people have yet to realize, so it is a good idea to begin doing due diligence on the potential next vice president of the United States. “Tough Choices” is a good place to start.

If you are more interested in her turbulent time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Jim Collins has a definitive account of her failures there in “How The Mighty Fall.” Collins, who used to work at HP, details why the tech giant fell at Fiorina’s hands and how it was born again once her employment there was terminated.

"How the Mighty Fall" is a definitive look at Fiorina's troubled time at HP (Photo via Amazon)

“How the Mighty Fall” is a definitive look at Fiorina’s troubled time at HP (Photo via Amazon)

And what about Carly Fiorina, policy czar? Last year, the then-presidential candidate published “Rising to the Challenge: My Leadership Journey.” In it, she explains what she would do as president of the United States. These ideas provide important insight into how she would influence a Cruz administration. If you’ve already read “A Time for Truth” and need more information on the Cruz-Fiorina White House, “Rising to the Challenge” is certainly the tome for you.

"Rising to the Challenge" details Carly's policy positions (Photo via Amazon)

“Rising to the Challenge” details Carly’s policy positions (Photo via Amazon)


“Tough Choices” by Carly Fiorina — $12.03 Paperback/$12.99 Kindle

“How the Mighty Fall” by Jim Collins — $14.03 Hardcover/$12.99 Kindle

“Rising to the Challenge” by Carly Fiorina — $18.74 Hardcover/$13.99 Kindle

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