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Anderson Cooper Sniffs Mario Batali’s Croc

By Getty's Nelson Barnard.

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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CNN anchor Anderson Cooper and “The Chew’s” Mario Batali had a score to settle Friday. It involved the smell of the chef’s bright orange Crocs. Cooper appeared on “The Chew” to discuss his lack of cooking skills — he eats oatmeal for breakfast and a burrito for dinner — and his new book, The Rainbow Comes and Goes.

Cooper had reported on his “AC360” program that his staff detests the smell of his favorite candle.

On his famous feature, “The Ridiculist,” Cooper’s staff came up with other disgusting things his candle smells like. They included dumpster ravioli and Mario Batali’s Crocs.



At the time, Cooper grew defensive: “That I draw the line at,” he said of the chef’s shoes. “I mean those Crocs must reek!”

Soon Batali sent Cooper one of his Crocs. “I’ve had this Croc with me, it’s been literally on the desk at the office. …But I only have one so I feel like Cinderella.”

Batali took off his shoe and made Cooper smell it.

“These smell pretty good huh?” the ponytailed chef asked.

Cooper sniffed and the expression on his face remained pleasant and calm.

“Yeah,” he said.