EXCLUSIVE: NFL Owners Furious With Goodell — ‘It’s Time For A New Commissioner’

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Three different NFL owners want commissioner Roger Goodell gone.

The owners, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, all told The Daily Caller in exclusive statements that they are not pleased with Goodell and the direction he’s taking the NFL.

One owner told TheDC, “I don’t like him. I think it’s time for a new commissioner.”

His sentiments were quickly echoed by another owner who wanted him gone and stated, “He’s doing things to make himself known, whereas past commissioners have acted only to make the league better. He is creating too many rules that make the game uninteresting. He can be accurately compared to our massive federal government.”

“He’s a figure head that makes a lot more than the people risking their lives and futures every snap when he’s on his couch watching the games,” a third owner told TheDC.

The criticism of Goodell comes after he greeted with deafening boos from the crowd at the NFL draft Thursday night. (SLIDESHOW: This Gorgeous Olympian Loves To Show Off Lots Of Skin)



Instead of ESPN diving into why Goodell is so hated they chose to essentially black out any criticism. Former ESPN personality Bill Simmons took some hard shots at his former network for going so easy on Goodell.

One of the main reasons that Goodell is so disliked is because many people believe he has too much power and abuses it. Recently, Goodell won a court ruling that reinstated New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s four game suspension for his alleged role in “Deflategate.” (RELATED: BREAKING: Circuit Court Reinstates Brady’s 4-Game ‘Deflategate’ Suspension)

ESPN has done everything its power to shield Goodell from criticism, likely because they don’t want to risk any potential lost revenue from the NFL. (RELATED: Massachusetts Attorney General Hammers The NFL Over ‘Deflategate‘)

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*Editor’s note: These are Green Bay Packers Owners