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The Man Who Put Mike Tyson In Prison Has A Question For Donald Trump

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Greg Garrison is a longtime conservative talk-radio host on WIBC here in Indianapolis. Back in 1992, he was the prosecutor who put Mike Tyson away for raping a beauty-pageant contestant named Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel. And today, Garrison is not at all happy with Donald Trump.

Here’s Garrison reminding his listeners of the facts about Tyson, the man Trump calls a “tough guy”:

“Mr. Trump, I’m not going to throw you under anybody’s bus. But goodness’ sakes. In Indiana? Really? Did nobody in that whole entourage of yours know that that snake raped a lovely kid in this town? I think I’d beef up my intelligence operation a little bit.”

Well, it’s not really an “intelligence” sort of operation.

Here’s Trump defending Tyson and blaming the victim back in ’92, courtesy of Newsbusters:

If you detect any sort of pattern in Trump’s statements about women, if you actually care about the well-being of rape victims, well… you’re just a GOPe cuck. You’re an SJW. You’re a traitor to the Republican Party. You’re whatever the Trumpkins need you to be.

Each passing day gives me a brand-new reason to despise Donald Trump. Scream at me all you want, you imbeciles. I will never join your cult, and I’ll never pretend it’s anything but a cult.

#NeverTrump. Ever.

(Hat tip: Larry O’Connor)

P.S. Yeah, I know Trump has his own rape scandal going on right now. But I’m skeptical…

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