Cruz Scolds Boy After Child Tells Him ‘You Suck’ At Indiana Rally [VIDEO]

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La Porte, IN–Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said a kid growing up in his household would have been spanked if they acted out the way a boy did towards him Sunday during a rally. The pre-teen boy was escorted out by local law enforcement when he told Cruz during a rally, “You suck.”

The incident began when Cruz talked about his tax plan and heard the boy’s voice screaming something un-intelligible to him from the crowd.

“Apparently there’s a young boy who’s had some problems,” Cruz said. The child yelled something unknown again at Cruz but then screamed louder, “You suck.”

“Thank you son. I appreciate you sharing your views. You know, hopefully one of the things somebody has told you is that children should actually speak with respect. Imagine what a different world it would be if someone told Donald Trump that years ago. In my household, when a child behaved that way, they’d get a spanking.

One attendee at the La Porte stop later told The Daily Caller, “I was standing next to the young man at the rally. I believe he was put up to it by an adult. He was very well rehearsed and extremely upset by the response he was receiving for being disrespectful,” he said, noting that others were asked the boy to leave.

“As we let him upfront to see the senator earlier in the program, he was surrounded by other children and parents. I asked him where his parents were, and he said that he didn’t have to have his parents there and then it changed to they were outside. I felt sorry that he was ‘used’ this way to bring about this incident,” the attendee added.

“The surrounding adults then asked him to leave; he became belligerent, saying he had the right to be there and say what he wanted. His Chicago Cubs ball cap was thrown to the back of the standing crowd, by whom I do not know. And then I ended up trying to calm him down, when he arrived back next to me. I asked him to be respectful of the senator. He was crying very hard, and was upset by the responses he was getting. I tried to calm him down,” he said.

Cruz, along with Carly Fiorina, addressed members of Faith Church in Lafayette at a nearby field house at an earlier Sunday afternoon stop before the Senator was in La Porte. Cruz and Fiorina are just two days away from finding out if their campaign ticket can continue forward past the Indiana primary.

The crowd of Indiana conservatives, many from Faith Church itself, gave Cruz and Fiorina along with their surrogates a loud enthusiastic response to their speeches.

“This election is about jobs, freedom and security,” Cruz reiterated to his supporters.

Cruz touched upon the Indiana-based company Carrier that will move its operations to Mexico soon. Trump criticized companies like Carrier for leaving the U.S. and giving jobs to foreigners elsewhere as opposed to Americans. Cruz, however, responded to Trump’s attacks on these companies.

“Now there are two ways to deal with it. There is the way of the big government liberal, which is out to punish Carrier and would rather use the power of the federal government to punish any company that is fleeing misguided policies from Washington.”

Cruz criticized the “200 rules and regulations” companies similar to Carrier operate under in the U.S. and said he’d “lift those taxes” the companies deal with to create an environment that will attract Carrier to come back to Indiana again.

Cruz also took shots at Trump for touting his deal-making abilities, saying that Trump’s past donations to Democrats under the guise of needing to do so for business matters only means he will negotiate away Americans’ rights like the Second Amendment.

“Donald Trump has been supporting liberal Democrats for 40 years…I will not compromise your religious liberties and I will not compromise your right to keep and bear arms.”

If Cruz manages to win the Hoosier state primary on Tuesday he will have effectively narrowed Donald Trump’s path to earning a majority of bound delegates before the GOP convention in July.

However, a Trump victory in the 57 delegate winner-take-all state can very well assure the GOP nomination to the New York developer, a point alluded to by each speaker, including Cruz.

Texas Republican Rep. [crscore]Louie Gohmert[/crscore] and Utah Republican Sen. [crscore]Mike Lee[/crscore],  and Cruz campaign surrogates warmed up the crowd before Fiorina and Cruz took the stage.

Gohmert chastised naysayers who claimed Trump had the election wrapped up as a result of winning his home state of New York.

“He got 518,000 votes in his home state. A carpetbagger got twice that in his home state,” Gohmert said referencing Hillary Clinton and noting Vermont Bernie Sanders received more votes. “A socialist got nearly 80 percent more than he got in his home state.”

“You know what’s great about 2016? It’s flyover country that’s gonna decide this election,” Lee said, noting his own state, like Indiana, is often “sadly” labeled the same way.

Talk radio host Glen Beck made a surprise appearance following remarks made by Cruz’s wife Heidi.

Fiorina took a shot at former House Speaker [crscore]John Boehner[/crscore] and Trump for remarks made by Boehner about Cruz being “Lucifer” and a “miserable son of a bitch” while describing his “texting and golfing buddy” Trump.

“So Donald Trump has been endorsed by a convicted rapist tough guy—not—Mike Tyson and [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] has been endorsed by Gov. Mike Pence,” She said. “I’d rather have friends like Glenn Beck, Mike Lee and Louie Gohmert than John Boehner,” Fiorina said.

Trump mentioned Tyson supported his campaign for the White House during a stop in Indianapolis last week. The comment stirred up controversy as Tyson was convicted of raping Desiree Washington in 1994 in an Indianapolis hotel room.

Trump blew off the Cruz campaign attacks about Tyson on Sunday saying, “I haven’t seen Mike in years. This guy is a real liar. That’s why we calling him Lyin’ Ted Cruz.”

“I just like the principles that [Cruz] stands for. He seems to be the most conservative candidate,” Lafayette resident Zack Skidmore told The Daily Caller. “He seems to want to protect our religious liberties and protect our country and he’s all about national security and the economy and all of that.”

Skidmore said he has supported Cruz since the primary started with 17 candidates.

“I was pretty much undecided, but I really think this ticket really speaks to my Republican Conservative values, probably the best of the remaining candidates,” Brookston, Indiana resident Jane Flynn told TheDC. “I always felt that a true conservative voice is what the Republican Party needed and I feel like that’s what Cruz and Carly represent right now on a number of different issues.”

“There were several candidates I liked in the beginning. There were so many of them. But as it got narrowed down I decided he was more pro constitutionalist and pro-life, which I am. And I really like that he did not compromise when he was in Congress. He never compromised so I appreciated that.”

Cruz earned the endorsement Friday of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, who cut a radio ad for the senator and will campaign with Cruz on Monday.

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