Where To Get A Gas Mask Bong Like Laremy Tunsil

Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Right before the first round of the NFL draft, former Ole Miss offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil was shown taking sports’ most famous bong rip since Michael Phelps. In a leaked video, Tunsil, whom many considered the best player in the draft, took a hit via a gas mask bong, an arrangement that almost certainly got him very, very high.

If you are a sanctimonious professional coach, then you greeted this video with manufactured horror. (I’m looking at you, teams with picks #3 to #12 in the draft). Your reaction was something silly, along the lines of: How could a college athlete smoke marijuana!?

But if you are a college student yourself, or maybe just someone who has grown accustomed to the laxer cannabis laws throughout this country, then your first thought was: Where can I get one of those nifty devices?

Luckily, Amazon has you covered. They actually offer a product called the “Party Gas Mask Hookah only for Arabia Hookah.” Guess what: it is a “#1 New Release.” Makes you wonder why everyone is interested in getting a “party gas mask” all of a sudden.

You can emulate the best player in the NFL draft with this gas mask bong (Photo via Amazon)

You can emulate the best player in the NFL draft with this gas mask bong (Photo via Amazon)

The funniest aspect of the party gas mask on Amazon is found in the Customer Question & Answer section. On May 1, 2016 (only a couple of days after the Tunsil affair went viral) “Joshua Hensley” asked “Does the hookah come with it.” Shortly after on that same day, “Catherine” responded “Its a bong. Not a hookah.”

Well, then. That answers that.

“Party Gas Mask Hookah only for Arabia Hookah” — $25.59 & free shipping

WATCH Laremy Tunsil Smoke Out Of A Gas Mask Bong:

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