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Dear Indiana: Please Vote Against The Guy Whose Dad Killed JFK

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Ladies and gentlemen: the next President of the United States.

I look forward to Trump’s next bestseller, The Art of the Dealey Plaza.

You know what, though? I give up.

An open letter to my fellow Hoosiers:

Maybe you can listen to Donald Trump, on the day of the Indiana primary, clumsily insinuate that his opponent’s father is complicit in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Maybe you can process that, along with all the other insane gibberish Trump has spouted, and still bring yourself to vote for him. I can’t do it, and I’m never going to do it, but maybe you can.

If so, there’s no point in appealing to your honor or dignity or plain common sense. I won’t waste your time or mine. Do what you’re going to do. Just leave me out of it. I wash my hands of this whole fiasco.

Robert Sean Medlock (AKA the blogger with the dumb pen name)