Leaked ISIS Docs Show Close Cooperation Between ISIS And Assad


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New revelations from leaked Islamic State documents indicate coordinated movement of troops between ISIS, the Assad regime and even the Russian air force.

The revelations come from new letters added to the 22,000 internal ISIS documents Sky News leaked in March. Before the Syrian troops regained control of the ancient city of Palmyra earlier this year, the Syrian government arranged a deal to allow ISIS to “withdraw all heavy artillery and anti-aircraft machine guns from in and around Palmyra to [the] Raqqa province.” (RELATED: Leaked Documents Of 22,000 Jihadis Expose ‘Underlying Structures Of ISIS)

Stuart Ramsay, Sky News’ chief correspondent, said an ISIS defector confirmed the information from the documents, and added that the cooperation even involved Russian forces at times.

ISIS gets a detailed warning of when a strike is scheduled to take place, which allows it to withdraw to an agreed evacuation point.

The Syrian government gets safe passage through ISIS checkpoints in return, “until he reaches the border with the Syrian regime to exchange oil for fertilizer.”

[dcquiz] “It may take 20 years before what we know exactly what is going on,” Afzal Ashraf, consultant fellow at the Royal United Services Institute, told Sky News. “Certainly if there is economic trading going on, which we know there is, there would be communication.”

The letters further reveal that ISIS’s terror plans for Europe was one of the founding principals of the organization. Foreign fighters have received training to go back to Europe and carry out attacks for much longer than European intelligence services have anticipated. Foreign fighters are broken into groups of four as part of an operation named “Break the siege.” The groups travel across the Syrian border to deploy to “infidel countries.”

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