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Male College Student Complains About Lack Of Access To Naked Women

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We’ve all been there, eh, fellas? You want to, um, hang out around a bunch of women with no clothes on, but Johnny Law keeps bringing you down. It’s an age-old problem, but I haven’t seen anybody go to such great lengths to do something about it since Buffy and Hildy.

NOTE: I’ve corrected the typos throughout the following item. Casey Geraldo, WTMJ in Milwaukee:

A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee student says she’s he’s been discriminated against by her his school.

The transgender student said it happened at the school’s fitness center, when she he tried to use the women’s locker room.

Justine Justin Kramer identifies as a woman, but was born a man.

It’s fitting that this story is from a station called WTMJ, because it makes me grind my teeth.

At least Bruce Jenner is putting some effort into manifesting his delusion that he’s a woman named “Caitlyn.” He’s spent a fortune on cosmetic surgery and hormone treatments and such. He’s making an effort to look like… well, whatever that’s supposed to look like.

This dude, though? He just puts on a summery top and yoga pants, crosses his legs, and softens his voice. Presto! Suddenly he’s “Justine.”

Yes, this is definitely a case of discrimination. The school is able to discriminate between boys and girls.

I don’t blame the kid for this, though. He’s just taking advantage of the situation. He’s making the most of the collective insanity we call life in 2016 America. No, I blame people like this news crew, who switched to female pronouns and added an “e” to his name so as not to hurt his feelings (or, more importantly, incur the wrath of social-justice warriors). Enabling this young man’s delusion that he’s a woman helps no one.

But then, I’m just a dumb teabagger, clinging to “chromosomes” and “science.” You guys know best. Go ahead, start allowing men into women’s-only facilities. What’s the worst that could happen?

The SJW crowd needs to decide: Either womanhood is precious, or the very idea of “womanhood” has been so devalued that merely declaring yourself to be female makes it so. Either being a woman actually means something, or it doesn’t. One or the other.

Now let’s get this settled quickly, because I have a mani-pedi at 1:00.

(Hat tip: the mighty David Burge)