MSNBC Reporter: Cruz ‘Appeared ALMOST Emotional’ During Press Gaggle [VIDEO]

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MSNBC reporter Hallie Jackson said that during Ted Cruz’s press gaggle in Evansville, Indiana on Tuesday, the Texas senator “appeared almost emotional.”

In the aftermath of Cruz’s a blistering indictment of all that he views as wrong with Donald Trump, “MSNBC Live” host Tamron Hall asked Jackson, “What we’re seeing, is this a man unraveling?” (RELATED: Cruz: America Will ‘Plunge Into The Abyss’ With Trump [VIDEO])

Jackson replied, “No, you know I think the real news, Tamron, came at the top of that availability that you guys just saw. Cruz talking to reporters, coming out in very strong tones, very strong terms against Donald Trump.”

According to Jackson, Cruz “appeared almost emotional. Now, Cruz has hit Donald Trump on the trail many times since January. Remember, that before January he refused to do so, he and Donald Trump had been in that kind of ‘political bromance’ for a long time until just before the Iowa [caucuses].” (RELATED: Cruz: Trump Is Such A Narcissist That Obama Says ‘Dude, What’s Your Problem?’ [VIDEO])

“Now we’re seeing what feels like the opposite end of the spectrum from that, Cruz hitting Trump and more than hitting Trump, just speaking of him at a very fundamental level, on a level that went beyond policy, talking about him being a pathological liar, a narcissist, having these deep-seated fundamental issues,” Jackson said.

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