Spokeswoman: Trump Points Out The ‘Ridiculous Things’ Around The Cruz Campaign [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson says the Republican front-runner points out “all of these ridiculous things we’ve heard hovering over” [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore]’s campaign when he mentioned that Cruz’s father could be connected with the JFK assassination.

Appearing on “MSNBC Live” with Erica Hill on Tuesday, Pierson said that Trump was talking about the “ridiculousness and absurdities” surrounding the Cruz campaign. (RELATED: Cruz: America Will ‘Plunge Into The Abyss’ With Trump [VIDEO])

The examples Pierson used include Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz’s recent claim that “destruction of America” could occur if people do not vote for his son and instead they vote for Trump. (RELATED: Trump Implies Cruz’s Father Was Friendly With JFK Assassin)

Pierson went on to say that “this is on the cusp of Senator Cruz himself just saying yesterday there was ‘evil’ and he wanted the voters of Indiana to stop the ‘evil,’ calling Trump voters ‘evil’ for crying out loud.

“Not to mention the other reports that Senator Cruz was anointed by god to lead the country and he was going to fulfill some sort of a Mormon prophecy.” (RELATED: Cruz: Trump Is Such A Narcissist That Obama Says ‘Dude, What’s Your Problem?’ [VIDEO])

Pierson concluded that “Mr. Trump was just pointing out all of these ridiculous things we’ve heard hovering over the Cruz campaign.”

Radio host Glenn Beck has referred to the Mormon prophecy of the “White Horse” while campaigning for Cruz.  The so-called prophecy claims that there is a point where the U.S. Constitution “would hang by a thread” and a “White Horse” would save it. Beck thinks Cruz is that “White Horse.” (RELATED: Beck: Cruz Or Trump Is Choice Between ‘Good Or Evil’ [VIDEO])

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