Ingraham: Jeff Sessions Is The ‘Smartest Person’ In The Senate [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Radio host Laura Ingraham labeled Sen. [crscore]Jeff Sessions[/crscore] “the smartest person in the U.S. Senate” for noticing the rise of Donald Trump back in August 2015.

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Ingraham said, “I go back to that moment and Alabama, and remember when we saw Jeff Sessions jump onstage in Mobile, Ala., in August and Jeff Sessions put that make America great again hat on.”

“How many people were trashing Jeff Sessions back then? All the people,” Ingraham said. Then dramatically imitating a Sessions detractors, Ingraham said, “‘Jeff Sessions, oh what a mistake. He’s over. He’s finished.'”

Ingraham then went on to says that the Alabama senator’s endorsement of Trump proves “once again … the smartest person in the U.S. Senate is Jeff Sessions.”

“Jeff Sessions has been preaching the good news of populism and conservatism for years, and this is why, this is why Jeff Sessions was not only not challenged by a Democrat last time he was up for re-election, he wasn’t challenged by Republican, because he’s this popular.”

Sessions is “this on point with where the American people are,” Ingraham claimed.

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