NBC’s Lauer: Hillary Still ‘Struggling’ Against Sanders Doesn’t Look Good [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Host of NBC’s “Today” show Matt Lauer highlighted the poor optics Hillary Clinton is facing while she is “still struggling with Bernie Sanders” while Donald Trump has wrapped up the nomination.

During Wednesday’s show, MSNBC’s Steve Kornaki added that “it could get worse” for Clinton in upcoming states where she could continue to lose Sanders. (RELATED: Bernie Wins Indiana Democratic Primary)

Matt Lauer: The optics for Hillary Clinton this morning, watching Donald Trump basically claim the nomination while she is still struggling with Bernie Sanders. (RELATED: Trump Wins Indiana, Cruz Drops Out Of Race)

Steve Kornaki: And it could get worse for her. You look at the states coming up: Oregon, Kentucky, West Virginia. There are a number of states coming up this month where I think he is probably going to beat her. He could even still beat her in California. It doesn’t mean he wins the nomination, but that’s not the way you want to be ending a primary process.”

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