Report: Sports Reporter Fired Over Expletive Rant On Facebook Not Over Prince Lyrics

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Local TV sports reporter Dan Phillips was reportedly fired after going on an expletive filled rant on Facebook live, not for reciting lyrics to a Prince song.

The Nashville reporter posted on his Facebook page last week, that he was let go after doing a tribute on the air to the legendary singer using lyrics from his songs. However, a source from his TV station tells Deadspin that Phillips was actually let go for his profane rant during a Facebook live session.

A source said that one of the reporters at the Nashville station was conducting a live session on Facebook. During the “show,” newsroom personnel were to answer a question picked out of a “fishbowl” and answer it live for the audience.

Reportedly, Phillips, told the reporter,“you better not fucking come in my office with that.” Then continued to yell at the reporter for coming into his office, saying during the live show, “Fuck you! Fuck you!”

“I fucking told her that would happen if she came into my office,” Phillips said according to the source.

The video was deleted, according to their report. And it is that “meltdown” that lead to the firing.

As previously reported, Phillips posted the Prince segment on his Facebook page and said he was fired because the lyrics were “insensitive.”