Whoopi: It’s Heidi Cruz’s Fault Ted Hit Her [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Whoopi Goldberg victim-blamed Heidi Cruz for being hit in the head by her husband [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] arguing, “If she had been taller, he wouldn’t have hit her.”

Wednesday during ABC’s “The View,” Joy Behar ridiculed Cruz for elbowing his wife in the face during his drop out speech arguing that Cruz is “the biggest clutz. This guy, not only is he tone deaf in politics, he also seems to be losing his vision. Look at this. Look at this. This is where he’s hugging his father. Look how he keeps hitting his wife with his elbow.”

Behar also criticized Cruz for his inaction well his vice presidential running mate fell off on stage. Behar said, “the other day, Carly Fiorina drops to the ground and now this and he didn’t even see Carly go down, and now this. What is the matter with him?” (RELATED: Carly Fiorina Falls Off Indiana Rally Stage As Heidi Cruz Dives In To Help [VIDEO])

Attempting to play devils advocate in defending Cruz’s elbowing of his wife, fellow co-host Jedediah Bila said, “In fairness, he just lost. We got to give him some credit– this guy gave it his all and I think he’s in shock. I think he’s like ‘How did Donald Trump do this? I thought I was going to take this from this guy.'” (RELATED: Trump On Fiorina Falling On Stage: ‘Even I Would Have Helped Her’ [VIDEO])

Disagreeing, Behar replied, “He’s not in shock. This has been going on quite a bit. He keeps losing.”

Goldberg then added her two cents suggesting, “It might be just because he’s taller than his wife… Thats because he went to hug as she was coming in and then boom. If she had been taller, he wouldn’t have hit her.”

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