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With Trump’s Win, WaPo’s Dana Milbank Prepares To Literally Eat His Column

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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WaPo columnist Dana Milbank said last year that if Donald Trump won the GOP nomination he’d eat a page of his newspaper column. He asked readers to send him recipes for what would go well with newsprint. He sought chefs. He got fancy recipes. This will make it the first time anyone has ever consumed an entire Dana Milbank column.

After Trump sealed the deal Tuesday, Milbank reiterated his promise.

“The cook-off is coming,” Milbank wrote on Twitter. “Send recipes and cc Chef @VictorAlbisu.”

In March of 2016, Milbank followed up on his original promise and acknowledged how foolish he’d been.

“Six months ago, I made a reckless promise,” he wrote, explaining that he said he’d eat “18 inches of toxic newsprint, wood-pulp and ink.”

To his credit, Milbank remained steadfast to his original promise to eat the column. Of course, this is a Washington prima donna, so he had to seek the guidance of Washington’s top chefs and included a bunch of recipes. They included crispy dumplings (bits of newspaper would be ground with pork, spices and lemongrass) and newspaper-lined tacos (the tortilla would be layered with newspaper).

“With the help of one of the capital’s great chefs — and seeking the guidance of you, the reader — I am taking the prudent step of preparing to eat my words in case Trump secures the nomination,” he wrote.

No doubt this will be a spectacle.

“In the event of a Trump victory, the most promising dishes will be featured in a cook-off — the subject of a future column and accompanying video — and consumed by me, con gusto,” Milbank wrote.