‘House Of Cards’ Creator: Trump Is Winning Because People Are Fed Up

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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“House of Cards” creator Michael Dobbs says people worldwide are fed up with their leaders and that’s what’s caused the rise of Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Dobbs said in an interview with Heat Street that Trump’s rise is a revolt of the people against the establishment and the elite, which is happening worldwide.

“What is happening in the U.S. is no different from what is happening elsewhere,” he said. “In the West, you’ve got voters saying they’re fed up, that the establishment has not served them well.”

“There’s a tremendous revolt against those elites,” he added. “Astonishingly, over the last seven years in Europe every government that’s come up for election has been kicked out.”

“The causes are complex and we, the political establishment, don’t entirely understand it,” he said. “In America the average middle ranking family is still struggling to get back to where they were years ago.The same is true in Britain.”

“We’ve lost control of borders,” Dobbs said. “We’ve got currency chaos. That’s why you’re getting lots of new parties. Trump happens to be a Republican but he could be anything.”

The “House of Cards” creator said he hopes to make it to the GOP convention in Cleveland because it will be “historic.”

“I’m hoping to go to Cleveland for the [July] convention,” he said. “Whatever happens it’ll be an historic occasion and I’ve got to soak up that atmosphere.”