Michael Moore Slams Obama: What He Did In Flint ‘Worse Than Nothing’ [VIDEO]

(Screen capture from CNN)

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Activist and filmmaker Michael Moore said he was “very disappointed” in President Barack Obama’s speech in Flint, Michigan, where Obama drank from a glass of filtered Flint water.

“We need President Obama to step up and do something right now, not just tell us how he’s got our back and he feels bad for us and look, I’ll drink a little sip of water here. That’s not what we need,” Moore said on CNN Wednesday. “We need the Army Corps of Engineers in there. We need to be replacing these pipes.”

After appearing on CNN, Moore tweeted that Obama “did nothing.”

“Actually, what he did was worse than nothing,” he continued. “He publicly asked for a glass of Flint water, sipped from it, & declared there was no problem.”

Moore told CNN that most Flint residents would loved to have seen the president hit Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder. “It would’ve been nice to see the president clock him” when Snyder met Obama on the tarmac next to Air Force One, Moore said. “That would have made everybody feel really good.”