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Transphobes Torment TX Target Customer For Walking Into ‘Wrong’ Dressing Room

(Creative Commons photo, Public domain)

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Last week, the Target Corporation announced that customers can use any public facility they want in any Target store, regardless of their chromosomes, genitalia, or any other unfortunate fact of biology. Target has openly rejected our society’s cisnormative bigender bigotry, and it’s about damn time.

But not everyone is so enlightened. Just look at what happened yesterday at a Target store in — of course — Texas.

KDFW, Dallas/Ft. Worth:

Here’s a still photo of the young transwoman who’s being victimized:

So far this young lady hasn’t been identified, and I hope these gender-fascists don’t track her down. There’s no reason to misgender and deadname her just for using the dressing room of her choice. Especially at Target, which is supposed to be a safe space for women who happen to have been born with a penis and testicles.

As for “taking pictures over the dressing room wall,” can you prove that’s what this woman was doing? Maybe she was just trying to get a cellphone signal so she could make an appointment for her estrogen therapy. It does happen, y’know. Open your mind a little bit.

Why must you bigots always assume the worst of people just because they’re different than you? It’s 2016, people. This is not who we are. #NOH8

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

P.S. More transphobic bigotry. #smdh