Obama: If Republicans Would Just Use ‘Common Sense,’ We Could Fix The Economy [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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During a Friday speech at the White House, President Barack Obama insinuated that the Republican-controlled Congress’ refusal to adopt “common sense” financial reforms is responsible for the floundering economy.

“Unemployment is dropping. Wages have been rising,” Obama told the crowd of gathered reporters. “But the global economy, as many people are aware, is not growing as fast as it should be.”

“Here in the United States there are folks out there who are still hurting,” he continued. “So we’ve got to do everything we can to strengthen the good trends and to guard against some dangerous trends in the global economy.”

“If the Republican Congress joined us to take some steps that are pretty common sense, then we could put some additional wind at the backs of working Americans.”

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