Trump: ‘Surprised’ Speaker Ryan Didn’t Endorse Him [VIDEO]

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Donald Trump says he was “really surprised” that Speaker of the House [crscore]Paul Ryan[/crscore] said that he was “not ready” to support the presumptive nominee.

Appearing on Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” on Friday, Trump said that Ryan “talks about unity, but what is this about unity?”

On Thursday, Ryan said, “I’m just not ready to do that at this point… I’m not there right now, and I hope to, though, and I want to. But I think what is required is that we unify this party.” (RELATED: Paul Ryan ‘Not Ready’ To Support Trump [VIDEO])

Trump said that he was “really surprised by it and it’s fine.” Ryan can “do whatever he wants to do, it’s fine but I was surprised by it. And by the way, many other people were surprised by it and some were really surprised by it and not happy about it.”

“I will tell you, I have many endorsements from yesterday, they’re coming in left and right, he’s one of the ones that really was surprising,” Trump said. On Thursday, [crscore]Rand Paul[/crscore] and Rick Perry indicated their support for Trump’s candidacy.

Trump also shot at Mitt Romney and Ryan’s failed 2012 presidential run, arguing that Ryan “lost a race that should have been won last time and I’ve been very open about it. That was a race that should have easily been won. That was an easier race than we have this year, but I’ll win. You already see the polls going up rapidly. But I was very surprised, I mean he talks about unity, but what is this about unity?”

Also in his interview on Fox News, Trump said that he and Ryan would be meeting next week. 

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