‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Calls For A Third-Party, Offers Hillary Advice On How To Beat Trump

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Bryan Cranston says maybe it’s time for this country to have a “viable third-party” to vote for, and offered Hillary Clinton some advice on how to beat Donald Trump.

On Friday night, the “Breaking Bad” actor was on “Real Time with Bill Maher” discussing the 2016 election now that Texas Sen. [crscore]Ted Cruz[/crscore] and John Kasich have dropped out of the race. Cranston suggested that it’s time the country had another alternative for president instead of the “leading candidates” in the race, according to the Daily Beast.

“Maybe it’s time for a viable third-party that’s socially conscious yet fiscally responsible,” he said.“What happened to those people?”

Later Maher asked the panel, how does someone beat Trump. “Hillary should stay focused on the issues and take the high ground so it shows greater contrast to her opponent,” Cranston offered. “Don’t get sucked into his energy. If you get sucked into that vortex, you’ll swirl down the toilet. Stay calm and stay confident.”

Maher for his part compared the Republicans’ choice of being left to vote for Trump with finally getting your mate to agree to a threesome and showing up with another guy.

“Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president,” he said. “And you know, I have taken a lot of crap over the years for saying this is a stupid country…I should’ve trademarked it.”

“This is what you get!” Maher added. “Republicans spent years whipping their voters into a sexist, xenophobic, self-righteous frenzy, and now they’re stuck with Donald Trump. It’s like finally convincing your wife to have a threesome and then she brings home a guy.”