Manafort: Trump’s Agenda Has Won Out Over Paul Ryan’s

Derek Draplin Associate Editor

Paul Manafort, Donald Trump’s convention manager, made clear Sunday that the real estate mogul’s decisive primary victories show that his agenda is what the American people want and that Trump, not House Speaker Paul Ryan, is now the head of the Republican party.

“Fox News Sunday” Host Chris Wallace asked Manafort, “How far is Trump willing to go to sign on to the agenda of Paul Ryan?”

Manafort responded: “Well, let’s make something very clear. Donald Trump just won a Republican primary. He won it overwhelmingly. The largest turnouts in the history of Republican voters in all of the primaries and he is the historic leader now of getting votes as a Republican nominee. So it’s his agenda that has just been cemented as what the American people or at least Republicans and independents who voted for him want.”

On Thursday, Ryan said on CNN that he wasn’t ready to endorse Trump. (RELATED: Paul Ryan ‘Not Ready’ To Support Trump [VIDEO])

“I think what is required is that we unify this party. And I think the bulk of burden on unifying the party will have to come our presumptive nominee,” Paul said.

Manafort also said that Trump is the “national titular head” of the party since he’s the presumptive nominee.

“There will be a process. There will be meetings of minds. There’s a lot that unites the leadership in the congress as well as Donald Trump, but the important thing to remember is the national titular head of the party is the nominee of the Republican Party,” he added. “He just won that overwhelmingly, faster than anybody in washington thought and running as an outsider against Washington.”

“So his agenda is the people’s agenda. He made it very clear his vision was clear, he articulated it very well, there is no doubts to where he stands,” Manafort said.

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