Levin: Under ‘Pathetic’ Obama Admin, ‘Even Our Bathrooms Aren’t Safe’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Mark Levin says “so radical is this pathetic administration, so dangerous, so diabolical that even our bathrooms aren’t safe.”

Monday on “The Mark Levin Show,” the radio host argued, “Remember when liberals used to say they believed in privacy rights? Remember when they used to say ‘government should get out of the bedroom?’ Remember that? ‘Government should get out of the bedroom,’ this was their clarion call to you know promote unrestricted abortion and so-forth, the use of condoms and just on and on and on.”

“But apparently, the federal government shouldn’t get out of our public bathrooms,” Levin said. “That’s very confusing, isn’t it? The federal government should stay out of our bedrooms but it’s okay to get into the public bathrooms. So radical is this pathetic administration, so dangerous, so diabolical that even our bathrooms aren’t safe.” (RELATED: Did Limbaugh Just Solve The North Carolina Transgender Bathroom Bill Issue? [AUDIO])

“Now you knew that already,” Levin granted, “but we have a governor in North Carolina Pat McCrory who deserves the full support of this country because McCrory was blackmailed in essence.”

“He was told that he and the North Carolina legislature either back off their statute, that basically restates that the boys room is for the boys and the girls room is for the girls and it doesn’t discriminate against you know straights or gays or whatever, it’s just the way it is based on your genitalia.”

Summarizing what the Obama administration was going to do, “if North Carolina didn’t back down,” Levin said, “[T]hen the federal government is going to take billions of dollars away from [the state]. This is the way they blackmail states. And this guy, McCrory… said ‘no’ and he launched a lawsuit today against the federal government.”

“He launched a lawsuit because the federal government and the Attorney General Loretta Lynch (another left-wing hack, who has been nationalizing police departments and so-forth and so on, covering up for Hillary Clinton and the server issue) because Loretta Lynch kept apparently sending him letters or letters at her direction making demands,” Levin argued.

“Now this is part of the problem ladies and gentlemen, when you  look at the Constitution, except for those areas defined by the constitution for the federal government, all the rest of it belongs to the states but as you well know, that’s been turned on its head,” Levin insisted. “So it is refreshing to have a governor stand up.”

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