Lt. Col. Ralph Peters: Rhodes Is Such A Gifted Propagandist, Stalin Could Have Used Him

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Retired Lt. Col. Ralph Peters said Monday that President Barack Obama’s national security aide Ben Rhodes is such a good “propagandist” that Joseph Stalin could have used him.

A recent New York Times Magazine profile of Rhodes exposed how he had been involved in spinning a misleading narrative about the Iran nuclear deal. Here’s How Carefully Tended White House Propaganda Sold The Iran Deal

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co” on Monday, Peters argued, “If you look at what [Rhodes] said, he not only insulted the journalists, just trashed them, he insulted the foreign policy community, the military, virtually everyone and Ben Rhodes was gleeful, gleeful in this brilliantly done article about how he put one over on the American people through manipulating journalists.” (VIDEO: Lt. Col. Ralph Peters Calls Obama ‘Such A Total Pussy, It’s Stunning’)

Host Stuart Varney noted that one of the key statements Rhodes made in the profile was, “The average reporter we talked to is 27 and their only reporting experience consists is being around political campaigns. That’s a sea change. They literally know nothing.” (RELATED: AP Reporter: 8 Years In, Obama Admin Thinks They’re ‘The Only Smart Ones In Town’)

Peters said, “Well, let’s start with Ben Rhodes’ title. It’s ‘deputy national security advisor for strategic communications,’ in other words, chief propagandist. And as a propagandist, he’s been very, very good. I mean, Joseph Stalin could have used this guy.”

Peters said that the Obama administration claimed that “They’re only negotiating now with the Iranians because suddenly there were moderates in place when they’d been negotiating with the hardliners for years before that. Then Ben Rhodes throws out the trope that ‘Well, if you don’t like this nuke deal, the only alternative was war.’ And that was nonsense.”

Peters went on to argue that “it is rich that Ben Rhodes is making fun of inexperienced journalists, ignoring the brilliant, accomplished career journalists. It’s rich because he has no military experience, no foreign policy experience, never even worked for an NGO, didn’t study foreign policy, he’s just a wordsmith.”

Later in Peters’ interview segment, the Fox News contributor said, “The most telling line from any of the sources about Obama was ‘the world has disappointed Obama.'”

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