Report: D.J. Calvin Harris Charging Men More For Tickets Than Women

(Photo credit: Reuters news)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The Scottish D.J. Calvin Harris is charging men more than double what he is charging women for his show at a Las Vegas night club, a new report claims.

Social media lit up with the news that Harris ticket show prices for men costs $100 while the same venue is charging women $40, according to The Telegraph.

There’s been mixed reaction from journalists as to why the discrepancy is occurring. The outlet itself called the move “sexist” while others can’t decide if it’s that or feminist.

Men’s lifestyle magazine editor Martin Daubney said both men and women should be upset about what Harris is doing and suggested it’s the same tactic that’s been done for years with deals like ladies nights at clubs that gets women into venues for free or offers them specials on drinks.

“It seems the Harris event is trying the same tawdry tactic: charge girls less, then rip off the men who live the forlorn dream they will go to a club full of lithe females,” he said. “It takes the rise out of everybody: the men for ripping them off and the women for treating them as cheap offerings on a meat rack.”