Chris Matthews: Democrats Care About Issues Americans Do Not [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews inadvertently had a moment of brutal honesty Tuesday night when he explained all of the problems the Democratic Party has in 2016.

Matthews said on his show “Hardball” that the many of the issues the Democratic Party stands for in 2016 are not “well received” by large numbers of Americans.

Matthews said, “I’ve been working on this project about the early elections in the ’50s and ’60s, and the Kennedy races and I have to tell you, back then, being a Democrat was great. You talked about unemployment, you talked about jobs, you talk about putting people to work, you talked about minimum wage, you talked about Medicare.”

“Now you’ve got to talk about guns, which people don’t want to hear,” Matthews lamented. “You got to talk about how coal is bad for the country and bad the world. You talk about same-sex [marriage] in a part of the country that isn’t too keen on that cultural stuff” and “abortion.”

“So all of a sudden, you’re talking about things that aren’t really well received. But in the old day, a Democrat could just say, ‘There’s a lot of poverty here, let’s do something about it.'”

Reacting to Matthews’ list of issues in the Democratic Party is facing, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway commented, “The Democratic Party moved to the left and I think it never really had a conversation about where the party was going to go.”

“This is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party,” Conway argued. “That’s obvious. The centrist, moderate, southern governor, Democratic governor, who are those? Where are the Blue Dog Democrats?”

Matthews interrupted Conway to ask her if she was “thrilled” and she said, “I’m thrilled because Hillary Clinton is trying to wage right now, quite unsuccessfully, a two-front war. Bernie’s to her left so she’s moving over there when she can. Donald Trump has vanquished 16 opponents, she can’t vanquish one. So I think he could pivot to a general election and take her on the next 90 days.”

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