Dress Like The Babes For Trump

Babes for Trump (Credit: Instagram)

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At this point, I hope you are familiar with “Babes for Trump,” the social media phenomenon that’s spearheading the charge to Make America Great Again.

Two of the hottest babes for Trump are the Hagmayer twins, Sam and Sarah.

We're doubling down for these Babes For Trump with our favorite Twins @shagmayer & @shagmayer2 #twinsfortrump #babesfortrump

They wear American flag bikinis and a Reagan-Bush ’84 trucker hat. (In the snow).

Twins for Trump? @shagmayer & @shagmayer2 say so! #babesfortrump

These are seriously patriotic women, and every good American should strive to emulate them. The cap can be had for only $8.99. (They make a perfect complement to the basically free shirts I told you about).

Ladies, you should not go through the summer without American flag swimwear. The Hagmayer’s bikinis are sold online for $15.99.

Reagan-Bush ’84 Campaign Trucker Hat — $8.99

Roswear Sexy American Flag Padded Bikini — $15.99

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