Jeff Daniels Goes On Rant About Trump On Politics Show [VIDEO]

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Jeff Daniels channeled his news anchor character he plays on HBO show “Newsroom,” and went on a rant about Donald Trump during a Bloomberg Politics show.

On Wednesday, the actor told the hosts of the news show that Trump is not the best person for Hillary Clinton to be going up against.

“He’s not the best-case scenario, John, that’s my answer,” he said in character. “Yeah, Donald Trump is a fact-bending loose cannon who alienates mainstream voters with everything he says. But he gets constant media attention for free.”

“There won’t be a day from now until November when Trump isn’t on every TV channel,” he added. “And with a straight face you’re going to tell me, that electing a woman is unprecedented? Germany elected a female chancellor, Brazil elected a female president, Denmark, Poland, Korea, Argentina, Norway, Liberia, Cyprus, they are run by women.”

Daniels then goes on to list Clinton’s low poll numbers, suggesting it’s going to be a problem for her and even mentions her email server.

“There’s absolutely no evidence to support the statement that Trump is the best-case scenario for Hillary Clinton,” Daniels said. “Thirty-eight percent of the people gave her a favorable rating. Thirty percent of the people said she’s honest and trustworthy. Just 22 percent of Democrats say they’re enthusiastic about her being the nominee.”

“Sure, she beats Trump in some categories, like millennials, who don’t even show up to vote,” he went on. “She also leads in number of messages deleted on her personal email server. But that aside. When you ask, you ask what makes Trump the best-case scenario for Hillary, I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about. His tiny hands?”