Ricky Gervais On Trump: ‘You Get What You Deserve’

(Photo: Paul Drinkwater/NBC via Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Comedian Ricky Gervais says when it comes to Donald Trump, America, “you get what you deserve.”

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Gervais talked about the Republican candidate for president saying political correctness helped Trump’s rise, and suggested that is the reason he is going to win the election.

“It’s funny, comedians tell a joke and they get in trouble; Donald Trump says a terrible thing and means it, and he gets elected,” he told the Reporter. “I get it, though, Trump hit a vein. He hit the peak of political correctness, and he’s an antidote to all that.”

The comedian and actor then talked about how people are just tired of being told what they can and can’t say, and that Trump has been the “poster boy” of saying what is on his mind, regardless of whether those thoughts are good or bad.

“It was only recently that I realized that Trump actually could become president,” he said. “I should have realized sooner. Think about it: We live a world where there are warnings on bottles of bleach — we have to tell people not to drink bleach. In that world, Trump can be president.”

“And in a sense, you get what you deserve,” he added. “That’s democracy, baby! It’s just a really odd thing to have this man who’s meant to be the most powerful man in the world act like a Twitter troll.

In an interview last month on “Late Night with Seth Myers,” Gervais had a plan for dealing with Trump. “What if we just told him he got in, and so he gets up everyday and he does a little address,” he said. “And we say, yeah that’s brilliant. And they are all extras, and he doesn’t, and he just never knows, he was never president. I think he’d be up for it.”