Copenhagen Bar Owners Beg Gov’t To Save Them From Muslims Imposing Sharia Zones

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Bar owners in Copenhagen are begging the government to help protect them from groups of Muslims that are attempting to shut their businesses down and impose “Sharia zones.” 

These bar owners say that Muslims are extorting them for money, chucking rocks through windows and engaging in other acts of vandalism to intimidate patrons, International Business Times reports.

“Recently some young men came into the bar and shouted that all guests should leave,” Heidi Dyrnesli from Cafe Heimdal told Radio24syv.

“They shouted that the site belongs to them and that Norrebro is a Sharia zone, so there is no drinking alcohol,” Dyrnesli said.

Birgitte Fischer, who runs Mucki Bar, says Muslims demanded that she pay $9,200 as so-called protection money.

The police meanwhile have done nothing but downplay pleas. Continued protests from establishment owners, however, have resulted in a visit from Denmark’s Minister for Integration Inger Stoejberg to Norrebro, a suburb of Copenhagen. Two women called Stoejberg a “fascist” and “Nazi” for simply for touring the area. They were subsequently detained.

Muslim youths who spoke to Stoejberg said the problem wasn’t a big deal at all, saying she was just trying to stir up support for anti-immigration policies.

“You live, and live in the greatest country in the world. Opportunities are right in front of you. So stop your rampage, threats and yelling!” Stoejberg said on Facebook in response.

“No I can guarantee you that it is not [a Sharia zone] and will never be! And you’re kinda pretty lucky that this is not a Sharia zone, as you get a fair trial when the police get a hold of you,” she added.

A group named “Call to Islam,” which promotes Salafism, was kicked off Muslim patrols five years ago in Denmark. Since then, these groups have declared parts of the country to be “Sharia-controlled zones.” Muslims then move about in packs in the area and try and enforce their conception of morality on Danes.

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