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Recently, the Daily Dealer called your attention to the fact that Anker’s charging port/wireless speaker is currently 76 percent off.

That Anker PowerPort Qi wireless charging pad remains one of the very best deals online. For $14.39, you get a portable speaker as well as a way to charge your phone without an outlet.

But of course there are reasons you might not purchase the charging pad. For one, it only works on Androids — i.e., if you are an iPhone user, you are out of luck. Additionally, you might be skeptical of the whole “charging pad” concept. Maybe you strongly believe that phones were made to plug into the wall, rather than to rest on an magical electronic doohickey. (Disclosure: I kind of feel this way myself).

For the old souls among us who rely on plugs, cords and outlets to charge our smartphones, tablets and other devices, there is hope. Jackery is a company that specializes in portable chargers. Founded by former Apple employees, Jackery produces chargers and battery packs that allow you to plug in your device while on the go. No magic required.

One of Jackery’s very finest models is the Titan. The smart fit technology portable charger fits any smartphone or tablet, so you will never have to worry about charging again. The Titan can even charge two devices at once, and it can charge an iPhone eight times before it needs to re-up on its own power.

Oh, and did I mention that this $90 product is currently on sale for $28?

One of Jackery's finest chargers is 69 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

One of Jackery’s finest chargers – the Titan – is 69 percent off (Photo via Amazon)

Once you become a proud owner of a Jackery Titan, you won’t be able to go back to plain, old wall charging. You can keep the Titan in your car, or in your office, or in your briefcase. Actually, it might be a good idea to get three Jackery Titans, so you can have one in each place. After all, three Jackery Titans for $28 each is still less than a full-priced Jackery Titan for $89.99.

Jackery Titan 20100 mAh 2-Port 3.4A Smart Fit Technology Portable Charger on sale for $28

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