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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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Every home needs some sort of speaker system, especially now all of our music and audio entertainment comes directly from our smartphones. Bluetooth is key, such that you can still play “Angry Birds” while listening to your favorite podcast.

The Amazon Echo remains the best option for those looking to increase the overall connectivity of household devices and appliances. However, here at the Daily Dealer, we are constantly on the hunt for good bargains. And, boy, is this one great:

The SHARKK Boombox is a $150 product that is portable, bluetooth-enabled and wireless (with a battery life of over 18 hours). Right now, it is on sale for a mere $48.

This $150 boombox is on sale for only $48 (Photo via Amazon)

The SHARKK boombox is currently over $100 off (Photo via Amazon)

The SHARKK boombox also has a built-in Hi-Def microphone, so you can take calls and make voice recordings through your speaker. While the SHARKK boombox won’t talk back to you in the same was as the Echo’s Alexa, you can communicate through the speaker to Siri or Android Voice.

The boombox is equipped with two 5W loudspeakers, and the sound quality is quite impressive. When considering high-quality, low-cost speaker options, the SHARKK boombox at this price would be difficult to beat.

SHARKK Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker on sale for $47.99

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