T. Boone Pickens To Fundraise For Trump

Images via Reuters, RTXSJLZ, RTX2DAYL

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Billionaire T. Boone Pickens, who has endorsed Donald Trump, is planning on hosting a fundraiser for the pro-Trump super PAC Great America PAC in June.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Pickens, who is the chair of BP Capital, is scheduled to team up with Ed Rollins, co-chair of the super PAC, to come to Texas in order to raise money for the PAC and “bolster party unity.” (RELATED: T. Boone Pickens: You Get Rid Of Oil, You Stop The World)

Other key prospective attendees to the fundraiser include media mogul Stan Hubbard, LendingTree founder Doug Lebda and former California Gov. Pete Wilson.

Bill Doddridge, Great America PAC’s finance co-chairman and CEO of the Jewelry Exchange, said he is “looking forward” the the fundraiser. “We hope to pull in a lot of resources to help elect Trump.”

Later this month, Trump will attend his own fundraiser at the home of Thomas J. Barrack Jr, a real estate investor. The fundraiser will be in Los Angeles. (RELATED: Trump Names Former Goldman Partner, Soros Money Manager As Finance Chairman)

Trump’s moves toward outside fundraising have signaled a possible change in tone in his self-funded campaign. On the campaign trail thus far, Trump has criticized super PACs and special interests.

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