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Teen Journo Survives Disciplinary Hearing: School Won’t Expel Him

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The teen journalist who was in hot water last week for an interaction he had with a couple of so-called ‘Mean Girls’ at school will live to see another day in the Georgia public education system.



CJ Pearson, 13, a political activist, writer and rabble-rouser who falsely accused President Obama of blocking him on Twitter, released a video he made in his darkened bedroom near Augusta pleading for help with his problematic situation.  The girls had gone to school officials and accused Pearson of bullying them. Pearson said they were the bullies. Still, he was suspended until the hearing. His video got 70K views.

On Thursday, Pearson, in a navy suit, white shirt and a blue and black striped tie, was cross examined by the school principal. With the help of a lawyer he hired for a grand, school officials opted to keep him on suspension until the end of the school year, which is only four more days. He will begin high school in August.

Pearson said he was nervous. He also has future politician written all over him.

“After today, I am glad the hearing officer acted in a fair, professional manner and threw out the school’s retaliatory based recommendation for expulsion,” he texted The Mirror. “I look forward to going back to school in the fall and I thank my lawyer, Randy Frails, for his phenomenal work in this case and everything he’s done. I’d also like thank everyone who’s called the school and offered their support. This is not only a victory for me but a victory for all of those who have invested in me and my future. For that, I am grateful.”

Asked if cross-examination was grueling, he said, “If I can survive an interview with you, I can survive cross examination. When the truth is on your side, there’s nothing to fear.”

The so-called ‘Mean Girls’ were in attendance.

“The two girls were there and it was actually discovered during the hearing that one of the girls had written the statement for the other to ensure they kept their story straight,” Pearson said. “This resulted in one of the girl’s statements being thrown out because it wasn’t her words.”

Pearson is in talks for a gig at Mic News. He has written for HuffPost, TheBlaze, The Daily Caller, TIME and He also has an arrangement with Google, which pays him from the ad revenue of his YouTube traffic.

Asked how he financed his own lawyer, he replied, “I have my own income, lol.”