Director At Cannes Film Festival Calls For America To ‘Boycott Trump’


Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Oscar-winning film director Asif Kapadia called on America to “boycott Donald Trump.”

On Friday, the film maker said at a director’s panel during the Cannes Film Festival that if it were up to Trump he wouldn’t even be allowed in the U.S, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“If he was president, I wouldn’t be allowed into the U.S.,” Kapadia said. “Nor would the new mayor of London,” Sadiq Khan,” due to their Muslim roots.

Kapadia most known for his unique documentary style has created films about such tragic stories as the late singer Amy Winehouse and Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian race car driver who was killed during the 1994 Formula One Grand Prix race.

The director told the panel there might be an “interesting Trump movie to be made.” Adding, “but at the moment it is a tragedy… And I don’t think he needs any more attention.”