Bryan Cranston On Trump: You Should Be Held Accountable For What You Say

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Bryan Cranston says Donald Trump should be held accountable for the things he has said and finds it troubling that the candidate is supposedly not.

While speaking to Jake Tapper on “The Lead” about playing the role of Lyndon B. Johnson in an upcoming film about the president, the actor said “words have consequences.”

“And he [Trump] does say one thing and then switch it, and say another thing and switch it,” he said. “I find it remarkable and troubling that he [Trump] is not responsible for what he’s saying. And I think your words do have consequences, and they should be held accountable.”

Cranston told Tapper after the two watched an LBJ ad that ran against Goldwater in 1964, that the ad was “eerily familiar to the climate that we are experiencing with Trump,” The ad featured a Republican saying why he would not be voting for Goldwater.

The actor went on to say that, “LBJ would have looked at this climate at this time and he would just shake his head and he wouldn’t understand ‘what the hell’s going on in that town,'” he said in character. “‘It’s a lot different from when I left it.'”