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‘Bunk’ Busted For (Allegedly) Beating Bernie Babe

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If you’ve ever watched The Wire — hailed as the “best TV show ever” by anybody who’s never seen Battle of the Network Stars — you almost certainly fell in love with the cuddly Detective William “Bunk” Moreland, portrayed by actor Wendell Pierce. I know I did. And after I read the following, all I could do was wander around the room muttering F-bombs over and over again


“The Wire” star Wendell Pierce was arrested Saturday after allegedly physically assaulting a woman supporting Bernie Sanders.

Sources at the Loews Hotel in Atlanta tell us the actor struck up a convo with the woman and her boyfriend at around 3:30 AM. The talk turned political and Wendell — a big Hillary Clinton supporter — got upset when the woman declared her support for Bernie.

The couple claim that Pierce shoved the man, then grabbed the woman by the hair and smacked her in the head. Pierce was booked for battery and posted bond.

This is a tough one. Hillary Clinton is running entirely on the fact that she’d be the first woman to be elected president. If you don’t support her, the story goes, you must hate women. And yet here we have a prominent Hillary supporter who’s accused of hitting a woman for supporting Hillary’s opponent. How do you reconcile this, Clintonistas?

Unfortunately, Pierce isn’t a Trump supporter, so he can’t get away with hurting women in defense of his preferred candidate.

Pierce can currently be seen playing Clarence Thomas in some crappy HBO movie. I’d sure love to hear him pontificate about Thomas’ supposed mistreatment of women now.