It’s Not Often You Can Get A Pair Of Oakleys This Cheap

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When it comes to sunglasses, there are two brands that matter: Ray-Ban and Oakley.

Unfortunately, neither brand is particularly cheap, so getting a good pair of shades for the summer often comes down to waiting for the best sale.

The good news is that there is a great pair of Oakleys on sale right now. The Chainlink is a popular model that costs $160 on the Oakley website. On Amazon, you can get the White/Grey pair for $70.

These Oakleys are on sale for less than $70 (Photo via Amazon)

These Oakleys are on sale for less than $70 (Photo via Amazon)

Like other Oakley glasses, the Chainlink was designed for those who are generally athletic and who want to look good whether they are mid-game or not. As Oakley describes: “Chainlink™ is an active lifestyle sunglass for those who play hard and want original style for life beyond sports.”

It is rare enough to find a pair of Oakleys available for less than a hundred dollars. When you find one for under seventy? That means it’s time to pounce.

Oakley Men’s Chainlink on sale for $69.99

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