Whether You Want One Or Not, This Is A Very Good Deal

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce
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I don’t know if you want a swimming pool. Maybe you do. Maybe you don’t. Maybe you’ve always wanted a swimming pool, but you are wary about what its installation will do to your property value. Maybe you’ve looked into it, but so far the price hasn’t been right.

I have no idea your situation. All I know is here at the Daily Dealer, we identify the best deals going on. And you can’t argue with the swimming pool deal currently running on Amazon.

The Intex 12 ft. x 30 in. metal frame pool is really cheap right now. Normally costing $180, it is on sale today for $95.98.

This metal frame swimming pool is really cheap right now (Photo via Amazon)

This metal frame pool set is really cheap right now (Photo via Amazon)

Obviously, a metal frame pool is not the same as an in-ground swimming pool. It is not even the same as a legit above-ground pool. But it can be put up and taken down at will, and it will not require any onerous installation process. Plus, it costs less than a hundred dollars, and it will give the kids a place to play over the summer. It seems like a win all around.

While not a traditional option, the metal frame pool set might be a good compromise for families in constant debate over the pros and cons of putting a pool out back. I don’t know. Maybe not. Either way, it’s a really good deal.

Intex 12 ft. x 30 in. Metal Frame Pool Set on sale for $95.98

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