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A few weeks ago, Roku released the latest version of its streaming stick. The Daily Dealer reviewed the new Roku stick very favorably, calling it “the best on the market.” After all, the Roku’s new quad-core CPU makes it eight times faster than any other streaming device, and it still has more apps and content than any of its competitors. The only “flaw” with the Roku was that it was $50 instead of $40, like the Amazon Fire Stick.

Not anymore. The new Roku stick is now on sale for $39.99, the same price as the Fire Stick. Now, there really is no excuse not to get one of these pocket-sized devices fast enough to stream anything and everything on your big screen. Cable is getting crazy expensive, and many of the other streaming boxes can be glitchy at times. The new Roku is cheap, and its performance is top notch.

At this price, there really is no excuse not to try a streaming stick to see what you think. You can access anything from Amazon Video, Netflix, Sling TV and Google Play with the simple click of a button on the remote. Hulu, HBO and every other app can be accessed immediately on the screen. While there are still many reasons to keep a cable subscription, experiencing media through a Roku streaming stick offers the best insight yet into why folks across the country are “cutting the cord.”

Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) on sale for $39.99

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