Bill Clinton Earned $2.7 Million In Speaking Fees AFTER Hillary Announced Candidacy [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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Bill Clinton earned $2,690,000 for speeches that he gave to corporations and groups even after his wife kicked off her presidential campaign last April.

The former first couple earned $6.725 million in speaking fees last year, according to a financial disclosure released by the Clinton campaign late Tuesday.

Hillary Clinton earned $1.475 million for six speeches, all of which she delivered before she announced her White House bid. The Democrat appeared at events for eBay and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, among other companies.

The former president was paid $5.25 million for 22 speeches in 2015. Those include a $250,000 speaking engagement hosted by Univision Management Company on May 12, just a month after Hillary Clinton declared her candidacy. Univision Management controls the Spanish-language TV network by the same name and is owned by longtime Clinton supporter Haim Saban.

Clinton was also paid $285,000 to appear at an event in Austin, Tex. hosted by the China-Texas Business Council on March 31. The organization helps pair Chinese investors with American business projects to take advantage of the EB-5 visa program. The federal program grants green cards to foreigners who invest $500,000 in American companies or business projects.

The Clinton campaign used the occasion of the disclosure release to taunt Donald Trump for touting his release of his personal financial disclosure report while refusing to release his tax returns.

The presumptive GOP nominee released his financial disclosure and claimed to have a $10 billion net worth and an income last year of nearly $600 million.

“Despite Donald Trump’s boasting, submitting his Personal Financial Disclosure form is no breakthrough for transparency. It is a legal requirement for anyone running for president,” Clinton campaign spokeswoman Christina Reynolds said in a statement.

“The true test for Donald Trump is whether he will adhere to the precedent followed by every presidential candidate in the modern era and make his tax returns available, as Hillary Clinton has done.”

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