Bryan Cranston: ‘I Believe Donald Trump Loves This Country’

Kaitlan Collins White House Correspondent
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Bryan Cranston said he believes Donald Trump genuinely loves America.

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During an interview on CNN Tuesday, the 60-year-old actor from “Breaking Bad” said he wants to understand the Republican candidate’s supporters better. (RELATED: Angelina Jolie Has A Message For Donald Trump That He Won’t Like)

“I will say, right here, right now on national television, that I believe Donald Trump loves this country,” Cranston said. “I truly believe that, and I know he does.”

“It’s just that his approach on how to remedy America’s problems differ greatly from what I think should happen,” he added.

“I want to promulgate the idea that just because someone has an opinion different from yours, that does not make them an enemy. We cannot do this anymore. We cannot point fingers and say, ‘That person is ruining the country.’” (RELATED: This Huge Country Star Just Revealed The Republican She’s Supporting For President)

“So if I were to meet a Trump supporter, the first thing I would do is I would want to discuss, ‘What are the issues that led you to that decision?’ I would want to know about that, not to make them wrong, but just to understand.”