Megyn Kelly Refuses To Say Whether She Will Stay With Fox News

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Megyn Kelly refused to say whether she will stay with Fox News after her contract is up next year.

While speaking with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live” Monday, the Fox News anchor said she is “open-minded” about her future plans with the news organization.

“Well, I have to figure that out, right, before now and by the end of the deal,” she said. “And I always do that whenever I’m coming up to a deal negotiation I’m open-minded. And honestly it’s a very fickle business.”

“As I like to say, one day your fine and the next day you might Mike Fuckabee on the air and you are out,” she added. “So you got to keep your options open. I’m not going to foreclose anything.”

Kelly has found herself the focus of numerous news stories after she questioned Trump about his temperament during the first Republican debate. Trump then attacked her appearance and professionalism for months.