Nevada Democratic Party Chair Complains Sanders Campaign Hasn’t Apologized For Chaos At Convention

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Nevada Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange lamented the fact the Bernie Sanders campaign has not apologized for the chaos and threats emanating from this past weekend’s convention.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” on Tuesday, Lange said that she has been “attacked” verbally and was told “awful things” by Sanders supporters. (RELATED: Even Rachel Maddow Is Trashing The Democratic Party’s ‘Ugly’ Chaos [VIDEO])

Last Saturday, Sanders supporters were upset with the Democratic Party’s convention in Nevada and screamed at Hillary Clinton supporters, booed Barbara Boxer off the stage, and ultimately forced law enforcement to shut the convention down.

After playing audio recordings of the threats made by Sanders supporters, host Andrea Mitchell asked Lange what she planned on doing next, to which Lange replied, “What you heard is a few of the thousands of mails and texts and Facebook messages and Twitter messages, that I have gotten threatens from my family and to my grandson, to my husband, they’ve attacked the place that I have a daytime job, this is my volunteer job being the chair of the party. They have attacked my workplace and they have said awful things.”

“Look, as a state party, it is my responsibility to let the DNC know what happened in Nevada, to let them know those threats have been threatened to carry into the DNC convention. Our attorney has written a lengthy letter to the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee to let them know what happened and how we feel they should prepare for the DNC Convention.” (RELATED: Chaos At Nevada Democratic Convention As Bernie Fans Boo Barbara Boxer [VIDEO])

Mitchell followed up, “Have you gotten any response or have you tried to get response from the Sanders campaign in Nevada?”

“Unfortunately, I have not heard anything from the Sanders campaign in Nevada,” Lange said. “They have not publicly apologized and I have not heard nothing personally.”

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